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The Great Nundle Dog Race

By Pauline Metcalfe posted 01-09-2023 08:50


Small communities can face special challenges supporting children and young people at school. With fewer resources, and in some communities, high levels of need, raffles and chocolates wheels just don’t cut it, and its easy to tap out a parent community when in some cases it is only a few families.

This year, Nundle Public School celebrated its 25th student. This tiny community, 65km from Tamworth, has turned traditional fundraising upside down with ‘The Great Nundle Dog Race’ an event that has run every year since 1979 and has gone from a couple of locals racing their working dogs to a full day of races, with categories including the High Jump, The Dog Derby and more recently, a Dachshund category and a dance off.

The beauty of the event is that it is not only supported by the wider community of Nundle, but that is also draws tourists, from the district and beyond. Not only does it raise money for the school P&C, it also benefits business owners and tourism operators.

In return, the funds raised by the event create a uniquely equitable school environment, funding uniforms, excursions and even school meals, including a breakfast club and some hot lunches- it gets cold in Nundle! 

Nundle is not alone in using the strength of its community ties to create something really special. Country schools can be champions of innovation when it comes to creating amazing markets and fetes, taking part in local agricultural shows and sporting events, and finding new ways to get funding and support.

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