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Bushfire season anxiety - how can you help?

  • 1.  Bushfire season anxiety - how can you help?

    Posted 18-12-2023 15:20

    We're all excited as we head into summer - a time for fun, relaxing and perhaps even travelling. While the 2023-24 bushfire season is not expected to be as dire as 2019-2020 summer, there is still an increased risk of fires due to change in climate conditions.

    As parents and carers it is important that open and honest communication is harboured when discussing fire safety with children and what to do in the event that they are caught in a fire. You can read our recent blog on bushfire anxiety here

    What are some ways you can approach the conversation of fire safety in a way that impresses the importance of being cautious without causing severe distress? 

    What are the top three tips you have children if they are caught in a fire? 

    How can we as parents and carers partake in practical activities to ensure the safety of our children this summer? 

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    Lina Ali
    Program Officer - Online Community & Partners
    Federation Of Parents And Citizens Association NSW