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Video: Why is having a P&C Inclusion Subcommittee so important at school? 

24 days ago

Mark Hunyor, father and advocate, speaks about what an Inclusion Subcommittee can do for your school.

Want to learn how to start a P&C inclusion subcommittee at your school? Come along to our free online session 18 June. Listen to an expert from the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of New South Wales about how an Inclusion Subcommittee can operate successfully within your school. And, feel free to ask your questions in the Q&A session.

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Why is having a P&C inclusion subcommittee so important at school?

A P&C inclusion subcommittee is is so important at school because it provides it provides parents and carers for  children with disability or other barriers to inclusion at school an opportunity to have a United voice. So as a parent you you understand that that you're not alone and you can you can be in a supportive environment with other with other parents.

It's also a powerful statement on behalf of the school through through the P&C that this is a school that supports all kids in the community, so I think that's that's a really wonderful thing.

An inclusive education subcommittee also gives you a platform in in the P&C meetings where you can speak about inclusion and inclusion issues and you can educate the whole school community about the benefits of inclusion and what it brings to to all kids, not just the children with specific barriers to inclusion, and that is a really wonderful way to get the whole school community on board.


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